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Polyurethane tubes are definitely tubes most commonly used in pneumatic systems. They are characterized by high flexibility, elasticity and resistance to breakdown so they are the best choice for applications requiring small bending radius. Polyurethane hoses found in this category are calibrated therefore can guarantee stable internal diameter on the entire length. They are the best choice to use with push-in fittings. Hoses are available in various colours and also in transparent variant.

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  1. Przewód poliuretanowy  8/6

    Polyurethan Blue 8/6

    €0.78 excl. tax

    Polyurethan Blue 8/6 Learn More
  2. Przewód poliuretanowy czarny 8/6

    Polyurethan Black 8/6

    €0.99 excl. tax

    Polyurethan Black 8/6 Learn More
  3. Przewód poliuretanowy transparentny 8/6

    Polyurethan Transparent 8/6

    €1.04 excl. tax

    Polyurethan Transparent 8/6 Learn More
  4. Przewód poliuretanowy zielony 8/6

    Polyurethan Green 8/6

    €0.78 excl. tax

    Polyurethan Green 8/6 Learn More
  5. Przewód poliuretanowy żółty 8/6

    Polyurethan Yellow 8/6

    €0.78 excl. tax

    Polyurethan Yellow 8/6 Learn More
  6. Przewód poliuretanowy LONGLIFE™ 8 x 6 Szary

    Polyurethan Gray LONGLIFE™ 8 x 6

    €1.04 excl. tax

    Polyurethan Gray LONGLIFE™ 8 x 6 Learn More

6 Item(s)

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