Compressed Air Quality Class 0

Compressed air quality class 0 is the highest purity of air. A standard that no one could meet for a long time. The pioneer in the supply of true 100% oil-free air was Ingersoll Rand, which has been tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland, the world leader in independent testing and certification.

Even though Ingersoll Rand was the first to receive the Class 0 certificate in 2001, only one company was able to achieve a similar result recently.

The most stringent class is air free of oil, aerosols and vapours. This is below 0,01 mg/m3 of these impurities. 0 also means minimising the risk of air pollution.

Such technology is reserved for market leaders. Analysing the loss of market share in the global oil-free air market, it is the current leader, Atlas Copco, that has improved its oil-free machine fleet to meet the Ingersoll Rand standards.

These are currently the only manufacturers of compressors on the market with their own technology of supplying completely oil-free compressed air, which only confirms the degree of technological advancement beyond the reach of other competitors.

What this gives users could be asked. Above all, better air quality means better quality of the final product, longer service life of components, reduced downtime caused by cleaning filters or other components of the compressed air system and greater operational safety of the entire plant.

Class 0 is one of the many things that give the end user a sense of safety and high standards in the production department, while reducing waste and environmental impact.

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