Why genuine compressor spare parts are the only reasonable decision?

Ten benefits of using genuine spare parts

If you’ve been using compressors on a regular basis, you might be well-aware that the spare parts of the compressors do need to be replaced after some time to ensure smooth functioning of the compressor.

The question here arises is, whether to replace the spare parts with the genuine spare parts or with cheap aftermarket parts? This has been a topic of debate from a very long time, with large number of people on both sides of the problem.

However, if you think that replacing the spare parts with non-genuine ones is the cheapest and best solution, then you are actually wrong. Be it the inlet filters, oil filters, or even lubricants, genuine parts are the only solution to ensure smooth working of the compressor over a long period of time.

Manufactured under the same quality standards as your original ones, genuine parts guarantee that the production, even once the replacement is done will be the same, or maybe even better than before.
If you are not convinced with the idea of using only genuine spare parts for your compressor, let us have a look at;

1. Longer Life Expectancy

Needless to say, replacing the damaged parts with the genuine spares will ensure that your compressor serves for a longer period without any breakdown. The longer the life of the compressor and lower the maintenance, the more it’ll save you money on the longer run.

Non-genuine parts, though are priced lesser than the genuine ones, but at the same time, the risk of breakdown and shorter lifespan will in the end prove much more expensive.

2. Better Quality

Genuine spare parts are specifically designed to meet the requirements of your compressors. They have exactly same construction like hat of your original parts and also pass the similar endurance tests to ensure that they are a perfect replacement for your compressor.

Moreover, non-genuine parts also carry a risk of damaging the other genuine parts that they are linked to in a compressor, which can worsen the condition of your compressor.

3. Productivity

Non-genuine parts are not at all designed to work exactly similar to the genuine parts. If the parts of the compressor have less efficiency, the final outcome would be of lower quality as well. Moreover, they might also have higher resource and power requirements that will further add up to the cost of production.

4. Reliability

Using genuine spare parts for your compressor will reduce the chances of sudden breakdown. The breakdowns can be very devastating as they can directly affect the quality of production, might disable you from meeting the deadlines, with also chances of affecting your profits and company reputation.

5. Energy savings

When the compressor is working at its optimal, the chances of pressure drop is immensely reduced, allowing it to consume less power and you to simply save money on the power costs.

Moreover, genuine parts are also environment-friendly in many ways, like less power consumption and lesser amount of emission.

6. Guarantee

Genuine spare parts also come with a guarantee against any fault. Suppliers of non-genuine parts are unable to offer this type of guarantee, as their main focus is increasing their sales and not providing high-quality, original products.

7. Service after Sales

Genuine spare parts supplier also offer services like diagnostic assistance, technical support, and troubleshooting services even after the sales.

In short, they are responsible to ensure that the parts function optimally for over a very long period. For you, as a buyer, it brings a great sense of relief when you know that you can easily contact them if at all the part isn’t functioning as desired.

8. Logistics

Genuine, OEM suppliers have a well-connected network to many parts of the world to ensure that you get the original spare part as soon as possible. On the other hand, non-genuine suppliers don’t have a backing of a well-connected logistics organization.

This can be very problematic if you need a particular spare part instantly as you might have to meet a deadline in a couple of days, or even simply need some sort of assistance for a part recently purchased.

9. Cycle Time

Many genuine spare part suppliers also allow you to shorten the cycle time of the replacement. They take your damaged part of the compressor, send it back to the service center and during the time your spare part is being serviced at the service center, for time being they can provide you with an additional part that can be installed in the compressor, so as to ensure that your production cycle is not hampered in any way.

Once your damaged part is repaired, they will remove the temporary one and replace it with the repaired one.

10. Advanced Spare Parts

OEM manufacturers have their own R&D department that constantly works on making a product better with the help of new technologies and assembly features. Advanced spare parts can actually make the compressor function better and can prove positive for your profit margins.

When looking for genuine spare parts dealer, the best best is our E-Pneumatic store with genuine Atlas Copco parts. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website and try to find links of suppliers around your area.

If you do not find anyone closer to your location, the website might also have a ‘Contact’ page, where you can drop a message or an e-mail about the part you need.

Another thing you can do is to go through the manuals that came up with the compressor. It will have the contact details of the supplier who can get the part for you.

Be it an emergency situation or a scheduled maintenance, genuine spare parts are surely the most economic and hassle-free choice that you can make for your organization.

Though the non-genuine parts can appear to be tempting as they are cheaply priced, but in the end you will always end up losing more of your investment.

Whereas, the genuine spare parts do appear expensive in the beginning, but on the longer run, they will prove much more cost-effective.

David is the blog editor of e-pneumatic blog, and the main author of its articles. He is also a student of automation in the Gdansk Technical University in Poland.

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