Dangerous Compression Effects

Compressed air is a valuable medium in every company. However, it is generally recognised that safety must be maintained. The user is safe at the points of reception. Screw compressors are nowadays used to ensure safe operation.

Their appropriate enclosure is not only designed to suppress the compressor’s volume, but also to protect the environment in case of various failures.

Let’s assume that the drive belt will break, parts of which would hit the operating personnel. If there were no cover, the operator would have been injured.

This is not an accident of too great importance. Imagine what could happen to you if you were next to the compressor during the following failure?

During the piston compressor operation, the cast iron block and parts of the compressor could be collected across the entire compressor room.

A moment after the inspection of the maintenance worker. Such things cannot be predicted, but we should be aware of the dangers and not underestimate them.

David is the blog editor of e-pneumatic blog, and the main author of its articles. He is also a student of automation in the Gdansk Technical University in Poland.

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