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Silencers For Valves

Silencers are elements mounted on the outputs in pneumatic system. They very effectively lower amount of noise created during releasing compressed air to atmosphere. Additionally they protect pneumatic elements from external contamination.

Features of silencers:

  • Lowering noise level.
  • Protect from contamination.
  • Made of sintered bronze or polyethylene.
  • A must have for any solenoid or pneumatic valve.
  • Maximum working pressure: 12 bar (sintered bronze), 10 bar (polyethylene).
  • Temperature range: from -15°C up to 80°C.

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  1. Tłumik hałasu płaski, gwint M5

    Silencer V- M5

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  2. Tłumik hałasu M5

    Silencer SC- M5

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  3. Silencer SD - M5 with Flow Control

    Silencer SD - M5 with Flow Control

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    Silencer SD - M5 with Flow Control Learn More

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