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Air fittings, couplers, connectors

Huge selection of all kinds of fittings, couplers, hose clamps, hose fittings and many many more. What we can offer to our customers is high quality fittings of all kinds and on top of that best prices in whole Europe! Our experienced team will help you with anything all you have to do is to give us a call or e-mail us.

Push-in Fittings

Push-in fittings

Huge collection of push-in fittings, which can be used with various pneumatic hoses. Here you can find subcategories with elbows, straight fittings, reducing fittings, tees, equal crosses, and many many more.

Mini Push-in Fittings

Push-in fittings mini

Selection of few most common push-in fittings in "mini" variant. Mini push-in fittings have smaller dimensions, while retaining same flow value. Recommended whenever small size is crucial.

Metal Push-in Fittings

Metal push-in fittings

Metal push-in fittings are alternative to plastic ones. They have more durable housing, made of of nickel-plated brass, thus can be used in situations where accidental damage can occur.

Metal Quick Connect Fittings

Rapid Fittings

Rapid fittings are an alternative way of connecting pneumatic tubing. They are very popular especially in industrial applications because of extreme reliability, versatility (can be used with various tube types), and great technical properties.

Quick Connect Couplings

Quick connect couplings

Quick connect couplings and plug nipples commonly used in pneumatic, compatible with RECTUS® type. Elements for all thread sizes and hose diameters available.

Connecting Elements For Pneumatics

Hosetails, Adaptors, Connectors

Various connection elements like hose barbs, elbows, Y and T shapes, cross shapes, sleeves, reducing sleeves, nipples, and many others. Second most extensive category in our selection of pneumatic fittings.

Double Lock Claw Couplings

Claw couplings

Double lock claw couplings and accessories, male, female, threaded, plated, with horsetails and others. Everything in most common sizes.

Manifolds for Air Hoses


Various distribution manifolds for air hoses. Different port sizes, and connections amount, long, short, round - whatever you might need.

Hose Clamps | Air Hose Clamps

Hose Clamps

Hose clamps, sometimes referred to as hose clips are commonly used to attach and therefore seal a hose onto a fitting (like barb or nipple).

Sealing Adhesives and Sealing Tapes

Thread sealants

We have many contact adhesive, sprays and glues needed as part of any industrial hose or pipe work. Thread sealants for your business. Everything necessary to ensure the tightness of your hoses and pipes.

High Quality Fittings from Italy

This category contains full range of pneumatic fittings. Here you can find composite and metal push-in fittings, threaded metal fittings, various connectors and many more. Below short description of each category.

  • Push-in fittings are very quick and convenient solution for connecting components in pneumatic system. Designed to use with polyurethane, polyethylene tubing fittings accommodate tube sizing from G 1/8 up to G 1/2. Simply push-in tube and you're done. To release simply push the oval surface around the tube and pull out. We offer huge selection of fittings - tees, cross pipes, elbows, reductions and much more.
  • Mini push-in fittings are the special, miniaturized push-in fittings described above. They are about 25% smaller, and maintain the same properties. Invaluable in some scenarios.
  • Metal push-in fittings - similar solution to above, but this time made of nickel-plated brass. Resistant to corrosion, working temperature up to 150°C, and working pressure up to 15 bar.
  • Quick fittings - screwed metal fittings, also very popular solution, you push in hose, and then screw in the fitting. Few kinds available - t-shapes, elbows and others.
  • Quick connect couplings - Here you'll find Rectus - type couplings. Various types available - Rectus type 21, 26, 27, and 30.
  • Swivel joints - joints with rotating hose tip. For sophisticated applications, popular amongst machine manufacturers.
  • Hosetails, adaptors, connectors - a wide range of different connecting elements. This category contains sub-categories with hose tails, various nipples, connectors, sleeves etc.
  • Claw couplings - common selection of claw couplings, hose ends, male and female ends, blank ends and sealing for claw couplings. Claw couplings withstand pressure up to 50 bar.
  • Manifolds - few kinds of manifolds for hoses. Easy and simple way to make departures for hoses from the main pressure line.

All Kinds of Pneumatic Fittings Available on E-Pneumatic

We offer a myriad of pneumatic equipment ranging from push in fittings, hose, couplers, rapid fittings, metal push in ones, tube fittings and much more. We guarantee to give you top quality products that will meet your specifications.

We have a team of professionals who are technical experts and coupled with the experience we have acquired in the industry over the years you are sure not to go wrong with our products and services.

Our customer service is one of the best in the industry with a round the clock support system that is put up to ensure all inquiries that you may have are handled on time to ensure that you make an informed decision.

We trust that our services will meet all your needs and specifications and will be shipped to your destination of choice within a short turn around. We strive to ensure that you get the best products so that your job continues as scheduled without any hitches.

Our products are ideal for both individuals looking for different fittings and construction companies.

Regardless of the level of sophistication of the fittings you need, we have the capability to have it delivered to you; most of our products are pre manufactured and stored thereby giving us the ability to dispatch a clients order within a day.

Whether you are looking for threaded or non threaded fittings; we guarantee you that we will go out of our way to ensure you get want you want when you want it. We have only partner with manufacturers who have satisfied our appraisal system to so that we only give our clients products of the highest quality.

All the products that we ship to our clients are tested to ensure they meet all the specifications and standards set by different countries. You will also note that for this reason our products are sourced from different manufacturers across different countries in the world.

The push in fittings, couplers, hose fittings and the several other fittings that we have in stock make up over 250,000 parts obtained from brands that are trusted globally thus you can trust at to handle your orders without much challenges.

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