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Air Grease Gun Pneumatic Grease Guns

Pneumatic grease guns by Sumake. Here we present few of most popular Sumake greasing solutions. They make putting on greases or other dense substances easier and faster. We offer single-shot grease guns as well as continuous grease guns. In this category we also placed grease pumps for more demanding customers.

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  1. Air Grease Gun ST-6636CL-6

    Air Grease Gun ST-6636CL-6

    €98.57 excl. tax

    Air Grease Gun ST-6636CL-6 Learn More
  2. Air Grease Gun ST-C630

    Air Grease Gun ST-C630

    €137.91 excl. tax

    Air Grease Gun ST-C630 Learn More
  3. Grease Pump RA-68220-01

    Grease Pump RA-68220-01

    €158.21 excl. tax

    Grease Pump RA-68220-01 Learn More

3 Item(s)

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