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Metal Push-in Fittings

Metal push-in fittings are alternative to plastic ones. They have more durable housing, made of of nickel-plated brass, thus can be used in situations where accidental damage can occur.

Metal Male Straight Push-in Fittings

Male straight

Metal male straight push-in fittings are able to withstand pressure up to 15 bar, and can easily work in wide temperature range (from -20°C up 150°C). Here you'll find metal straight push-in fittings with threads from M5 up to G 1/4, and for tube diameters from 4mm up to 8mm.

Metal Elbow Push-in Fittings Male and Female


Durable, metal elbows with both male and female threads. Best choice for industrial environments thanks to outstanding technical properties. Available for threads from M5 up to G 1/4, and air hose diameters from 4mm to 8mm.

Equal Straight Metal Push-in Fittings

Equal straight

Those push-in fittings have equal size push-in connections on both size. It is meant to connect two air hoses together. Simple and effective, and amazingly durable solution.

Metal Equal Elbow Push-in Fittings

Equal elbow

Like other metal push-in fittings in those category our equal elbow fittings are recommended for industrial applications. Equal elbow fittings for most popular air-hose diameters.

Equal Tee Push-in Fittings

Equal tee

Metal equal tee is a fast and simple solution to connect three air hoses with same tube diameter. Recommended for industrial applications because of their great durability.

Male Elbow with Flow Control Valve

Flow-control valve male elbow

Metal male elbow push-in fitting with flow control valve allow to easily control air flow speed through the connected air hose. Best choice whenever you need to have control over speed of connected elements (for example air cylinder).

Metal push-in fittings are made of nickel-plated brass, which increases their overall resistance. They are excellent choice especially for industrial applications, where such elements can be exposed do accidental damage. Metal push-in fittings are available in few common types, which you can select in filter below, to narrow down list of products. Fittings can work with pressure up to 15 bar, and in temperatures ranging from -20°C up to 150°C.

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