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Mini Push-in Fittings

Selection of few most common push-in fittings in "mini" variant. Mini push-in fittings have smaller dimensions, while retaining same flow value. Recommended whenever small size is crucial.

Male Straight fitting Mini

Male straight

Selection of male straight push-in fittings from mini series. Available even for 3mm pneumatic tube. Very popular choice for small systems or machines.

Male Elbow fitting Mini Series

Male Elbow fitting Mini

Male elbow push-in fittings from mini series are available for pneumatic tubes with even 3 mm external diameter. They retain technical properties exactly the same as traditional elbows.

Male Elbow Extended Mini Series

Male elbow extended

This category also contains elbow fittings from mini series, but this time with longer thread arm. Very useful in unusual conditions, or when many fittings have to be mounted close together.

Equal Elbow Push-in Fittings Mini Series

Equal elbow

This category contains only few equal elbow type push-in fittings from our mini series. But you can find an push-in elbow even for air hoses with really tiny diameter. Want to connect two air hoses? This is the right place to click.

Equal Tee Push-in Fitting Mini

Equal tee

Latest addition to our push-in fittings mini series. Equal tees. Available for air hoses with external diameter 3mm and 4mm. If you want to connect three air hoses this is your best choice.

This category contains special, slightly smaller version of push-in fittings, dedicated for sophisticated applications, where smallest size possible is required. Since mini push-in fittings are not available in so many types, as classical ones, we decided to put them all into one category. You can easily narrow down products list by using filters.

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