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Pressure Regulators

Regulators comes in many different types, cause various industries have different requirements, like maximum pressure, regulation precision, flow range etc. That's why here you'll find subcategories addressing specific types of regulators.

High Pressure Regulators

High pressure regulators

Whenever you work with high pressures you probably need to reduce it at certain places in compressed air system. In this category we have solid and durable pressure reducers dedicated to work in pressures up to 40 bar.

High Flow Regulators

High flow regulators

High flow regulators can work with really high flow speeds. Dedicated for larger thread sizes from G 1.25 up to G 2. Dedicated for industrial applications. Durable housing, able to work with pressures up to 25 bar.

Standard regulators

Classic pressure regulators able to work with even 16 bar pressure (depending on model). Common and popular choice for most applications. Wide range of port sizes, and different regulation range (usually from 0 to 10 bar).

Precision regulators

Pressure regulators recommended for sophisticated applications requiring very precise control over pressure. They work in pressure ranges from 0.1 up to 2 bar, and allow very high accuracy pressure control.

Pressure regulators, commonly referred to as reduction valves are pneumatic elements which keep stable pressure on output regardless of inlet pressure. Obviously output pressure is lower then input pressure.

There are many different type of pressure regulators for different applications, in our offer we can distinguish 4 main types:

  • Standard pressure regulators up to 16 bar - classical solution for most pneumatic systems.
  • High precision regulators up to 16 bar - regulators allowing for very precise pressure regulation, usually working in smaller ranges, thus having more detailed gauges.
  • High pressure regulators - solid and heavy regulators withstanding pressure up to 40 bar.
  • High flow regulators - regulators for very high air flows, more then 12500 l/min.

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