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Quick Connect Couplings

Quick connect couplings and plug nipples commonly used in pneumatic, compatible with RECTUS® type. Elements for all thread sizes and hose diameters available.

Quick Connect Fittings, Couplings, Connectors


Wide range of quick connect fittings to be used with compressed air. Here you can find various types of connectors, hose tails, air hose fittings, quick connect couplings, bulkhead fittings, hose connectors, pipe connectors and much more. RECTUS type.

Plug Nipples Hose Barbs

Plug nipples

Wide range of plug nipples, hose barbs, hose fittings to be used with quick connect couplings. Compatible with appropriate Rectus types. If you need plug for your pneumatic tubing, you should check this category. RECTUS type.

In this category we gathered whole range of quick connect couplings compatible with Rectus types. There are many different types of quick connect couplings so it will be the best to narrow down product list using appropriate filters. If you are looking for other Rectus type quick couplings, please connect us, we can get it for you.

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