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Best Pneumatic Tools on the Market

Best tools powered by compressed air available here at E-Pneumatic from SUMAKE manufacturer from Taiwan. All our tools comes with one year warranty along with competitive prices, if you need help choosing tool appropriate for your workplace contact our team and they will help you out!

Air Screwdrivers


Various air screwdrivers with different technical properties like torque range, speed, required air capacity, various improvements and mechanisms (shut-off, push to start), and of course type. You can choose straight, pistol or angle type screwdriver.

Air Drills


Sumake air drills are divided into two basic groups: industrial drill and workshop drills. Industrial drillers are designed for continuous operation in harsh industrial environments while workshop drillers are designed for rather occasional usage. You can find composite drill HDD series and ADDN series in aluminum housing.

Air Impact Wrenches

Impact Wrenches

Solid and durable air impact wrenches with square drive from 1/2" up to 2". Best solution for car repairs, garages, and heavy machinery services. Here you'll find air impact wrenches suitable for automobiles, as well as extremely powerful air wrenches for biggest machines like trucks or tractors.

Air Grinders Industrial Grinders


In our offer you can find wide range of air grinders with various disc sizes. Here you will find air angle grinders and angle die grinders (including special micro air die grinders, lever and roll types). If you need an air grinder, most likely you'll find it here.

Air Sanders


Our selection of sanders include both orbital sanders, and belt sanders - both in various shapes and sizes, so you can find the one that suits your needs perfectly. Sumake's air sanders are well known because of their reduced noise and vibration levels, and are light weight.

Air Polishers and Buffers Air Tools


Polishers manufactured by Sumake available in our offer. Most of them have 7″ disc, and 5/8″ spindle. They differ in rotate speed, size and of course air consumption. Air polishers are very popular in various applications, and it's good idea to have polisher in any garage or workshop.

Air Hammers Chipping & Scaling Hammers


Our offer includes air scaling hammer, chipping hammers and all accessories for hammers such as needle's or springs. Air hammers are very commonly used in many industries.

Needle Scalers

Needle Scalers

This category includes straight needle hammers and pistol type needle hammers. Benefits of using our needle scalers: the free rear steel needles allows the treatment of irregular surfaces, the use of replacement cartridges allows the use of different amounts of needles.

Air Nailers and Pneumatic Staplers

Staplers & Nailers

Selection of high quality alternatives to air nailers and staplers by some popular brands recognized in upholstery industry. In product description you can find list of compatible models.

Air Saws Knifes & Blades


Jigsaws, saws and pneumatic files are unique both in terms of looks and design. They are designed for demanding users who uses compressed air. Our tools are ideal for work in harsh environment. Ergonomic shape and a nice touch are always a plus for the operator.

Air Rivet Guns Pneumatic Hammer

Rivet Guns

Our air rivet guns are designed to work in factories. Low weight of our pneumatic riveters provides adequate comfort in conditions of continuous operation. Our Sumake Air rivet guns are reliable with power and precision addition to that they are soft with ergonomic grip for comfortable work.

Air Grease Gun Pneumatic Grease Guns

Grease Guns

Sumake Air Grease Guns simplifies lubrication task. They are designed to provide automatic superior flow control. Our Grease guns are designed to work in harsh environment that's why they are top choice for mechanics and industrial workers from around the world. Once you try it you won't have to look for other grease guns.

Air Spray Guns Sumake

Spray Guns

In our offer we have: high pressure air spray guns (HP) and low pressure (HVLP) and interchangeable nozzles ranging from 0.8 to 2.5mm they allow us to apply desired thickness layer. With the new technology implemented in our spray guns you can save up to 30% of your spray paint!

Blow Guns

Blow Guns

Blow guns are most obvious usage for air tools, at least for newcomers, and they are undoubtedly very popular in businesses where compressed air is used for cleaning.

Tyre Inflators

Tyre Inflators

In our offer we have tyre inflators from WONDER brand from Michelin and also tools produced by Sumake. Keeping air pressure in your car tyres are important because it helps them last longer and saves you fuel. With our tools you can check your tyres pressure hassle-free!

Pneumatic Caulking Guns

Caulking Guns

With our Air Caulking Gun you are able to produce perfect caulk bead. Our air caulking guns give's you full control that's why they are superior over manual guns. Do you have struggle getting exact amount of caulk? With our caulking guns you won't have that problem anymore they are smooth and steady.

Air Tools Accessories


Here you can find oils for our tool assortment, mini reducers, filters, handles for tools, wheels for air grinders and polishers, drill chucks, support arms and even if you can't find what you are looking for please give us a call and we will definitely help you out and get you a product you are looking for!

Quality Air Tools

SUMAKE is one of the most known manufacturers and exporters of pneumatic tools in the world. They offer wide range of industrial and semi - proffesional tools.

SUMAKE patented technological solutions together with straight and reliable construction of manufactured tools (build in accordance with ISO 9001 norm) guarantees continuous and comfortable work even in heavy duty environments. Our assortment is certified with CE Certificate CE certification

Pneumatig is the official representative and distributor of SUMAKE in Poland, thence we can offer best prices. We also offer professional support and counseling in the subject.

All tools have one year guarantee. SUMAKE supports us with constant delivery of spare parts and fittings, so we are able to provide quick and professional post-warranty support.

In our offer you can find wide range of air tools to name few; drillers, pneumatic screwdrivers, penumatic wrenches, air grinders, sanders and polishers, pneumatic hammers and many more.

In any category you can find the most detailed description of every series and model, so you can easily find anything that will satisfy your needs. If, however, you still be in doubt please call at: +48 728 829 443 and our qualified customer support will provide you any help needed.

Compressed Air Equipment from experienced distributor

We offer some of the best air tools you will get in the market. Through the several years we have been in the industry our team of professionals has learnt and identified what clients look for and have come up with a checklist to ensure that we only source for products that will meet customer specifications.

We have a collection of air screwdrivers that have different specifications like air capacity, torque and speed. We give you the option of having angled, straight or pistols screwdrivers depending on where they air screwdriver is to be used.

We also have a collection of air drills grouped under workshop and industrial drills and are designed for work in the different environments that the drills will be used in. The former being designed for occasional use while the latter models are designed to handle the harsh conditions within the environment in question.

For perfect caulking beads you need to consider one of our air caulking guns which gives the user full control and are also steady and smooth. If you are constantly on the road for long distances then our air tyre inflators should not be missing in your tool box.

Our tyre inflators are sourced from different manufacturers and can be used to fill or refill your tyres as well as check the pressure levels.

We have a collection of different pneumatic tools like air spray guns and air blow guns with the former available for both low and high pressure spraying thereby allowing you to spray different thicknesses due to the difference in valve sizes thereby saving you costs on what would be wasted when using non-calibrated guns.

Our air rivet and grease guns are designed to work in different environments especially factories with the former giving the user comfort allowing use for long durations and the latter designed for automatic flow and have the capability to sustain harsh work environments.

We also have a wide collection of accessories that compliment all the assortment we have in stock. These accessories range from tool handles, support arms, wheels and filters just but to mention a few.

If you cannot see it listed here you need not go looking elsewhere; get in touch with our support team via phone or mail and we shall ensure that we get you exactly what you need from our contacts across the globe. If you came here looking for best air tools available then you are in the right place.

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