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Air Treatment - Filter Regulator Lubricator Unit

Air Preparation Units

Air preparation units

Air preparation unit, also known as FRL combination is a set consisting of air filter, regulator and lubricator connected together into one single block which can be installed in pneumatic system. Here you'll find various blocks mainly differing in the size of connection, but also filtration level, shape and size.

Filter Regulator Combination


Filter regulator is a unit consisting of filter and pressure reducer joined together for sake of saving space on installation. Different thread sizes (hence different values of air flow) are available.

Pressure Regulators


Regulators comes in many different types, cause various industries have different requirements, like maximum pressure, regulation precision, flow range etc. That's why here you'll find subcategories addressing specific types of regulators.

Air Filters


Clean and dry air is essential in compressed air system. Air with too high amount of dirt or water droplets can seriously damage used equipment and cause leakages which will lead to decrease in efficiency. That is why selecting appropriate filters is crucial.

Air Lubricator | Compressed Air Lubricators


Many elements in pneumatic system, to maintain high level of efficiency, and extend their life require lubricated air. This is especially important for air cylinders and air tools. Lubricated air prevents corrosion, and helps elements to run smoothly. To achieve this we recommend to install air lubricator just before element.

Air Preparation Valves


Our modular air preparation units from KN series can be mounted together with specialized valves. Here you can find soft start valve, ball valve, and directional control valve that can be easily mounted together with those units.

Accessories For Air Preparation Units


Common accessories for air preparation units like filter cartridges and mountings. If you need new filter cartridge, want to change filtration level, or need to mount your air preparation unit this is a place to check.

Taking Care of Your Air is Important

Caring for the quality of the compressed air is undoubtedly the most important task facing the owner of the pneumatic system. High quality compressed air will ensure long and efficient work of all elements in pneumatic system like air tools, air cylinders, or valves. That also means efficient energy management because compressor doesn't have to switch on to often. On the other hand not enough care put into preparing the compressed air can cause damage to piping and system elements, which in result can be source of other problems - pressure drops, need for servicing or even replacing components, and even suspends in operation of whole system.

We cannot stress this enough you seriously need to remember about this, and you can't really overdo it - if you will you'll just have better and more clean compressed air - and this always saves your money.

There are three main components in compressed air preparation:

  • Filtration - filters remove dust, debris, oil, water and other dangerous particles from compressed air. There are many types of filters, and usually even few should be used in pneumatic system - one directly after compressor (so called pre-filter), then fine filter, others optionally before final elements (final filters). Everything depends on specifics of pneumatic system, and its application. Some applications (like food packaging) have much more strict requirements.
  • Lubrication - most of the pneumatic tools, and some valves for smooth and efficient operation require lubricated air. Lubricators are used just for that - they add tiny drops of oil into compressed air. This oil protects air tools from corrosion, and reduces friction in internal parts. This in effects extends lifetime of the tool while maintaining its technical parameters.
  • Pressure regulation - again everything here depends on specific needs of pneumatic system. Various pneumatic elements can effectively work in certain ranges of pressure, some (like air tools) have some very specific pressure requirements (6.2 bar for most air tools) in which tool works efficiently. To large pressure can easily broke internal elements, and cause all kinds of very dangerous problems which can lead to injury or even death. To maintain pressure at certain levels you need pressure regulator.

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