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High quality hoses straight from Italian manufacturer available, browse our wide range of air hoses and choose whichever fits your needs, we have tubes for harsh environment, industrial, flexible, anti static ones and also more popular ones such as polyurethane or polyamide and many more. Remember that our team is always at your disposal just give us a call.

Polyamide Tubing


Polyamide tubing are well known for its high resistance on abrasion and crushing. They are very rigid and durable, which makes them perfect for industrial applications. Commonly used in pneumatics, hydraulics as well as fuel and lubrication systems.

Polyurethane Tubing | Polyurethane Hose


One of the most popular hoses in industry. Polyurethane hoses are inexpensive, universal solution for transportation of compressed air and inert gases. Together with push-in fittings they form best solution to power air cylinders and valves.

Heavy Duty Polyurethane Tubing

PU Heavy Duty

Polyurethane tubing especially strengthened for the most hazardous industrial environments. They have an additional polyester braid and reinforced outer layer, which ensures their outstanding durability. They can work with pressure up to 20 bar.

Polyethylene Tubing | Chemically Resistant PE


Polyethylene tubing are known from their high resistance to aggressive chemical and organic compounds. Thus they are well suited for seriously hazardous environments. Also they have great sliding properties - great for moving parts in machines.

PTFE Tubing | PTFE Hose Store


PTFE tubing characterize with outstanding resistance to high temperatures (even up to 260°C), and complete resistance to UV, ozone and oxygen. They are very durable and resistant in general, and are recommended for extreme working conditions.

Silicone Tubing | Silicone Tube


Silicone tubings are made of special mix of different silicone rubbers, which gives them exceptional flexibility, and total resistance from twisting, crushing, bending. Silicone hoses are also resistant to high temperatures, and various chemicals.

PVC Tubing | Air Hoses Store


Very common and popular PVC tubes strengthened with triple textile braid. Can be used with various kinds of non-aggressive media like water, oils, gasoline, acids, bases, and of course compressed air.

PVC Heavy Duty Tubing | Air Hose Store

PVC heavy duty

Specially strengthened variation of classic PVC tubing. Especially recommended in applications, where hose may be exposed to mechanical damage. Also great for creating flexible air lines.

Spiral Hose | Polyurethane Spiral Hose

PU spiral

Spiral polyurethane hoses are commonly used to directly power air tools. Its great option because whenever tool is not being used hose retracts, which helps to save space, and keep workplace organized.

Hose Reels

Hose reels

Hose reel is convenient whenever mobility is required. Hose reels can provide from 10 to 15 m of pneumatic tubing (mostly polyurethane), and include special blocking mechanism. Selected models have durable metal housing.

Air Hoses Accessories | Air Hose Store


Here you'll find tube cutters, and tube clips for your hoses. Those products are always very handy anywhere.

Quality Air Hoses for Every Workplace

We are particularly proud of our wide range of hoses in our offer. We did our best to gather most popular kinds of tubes used with pneumatic systems among various industry branches.

If you are searching for air hose to use in your compressed air system, most likely you'll find it in one of the categories below. Obviously you'll find polyurethane tubes in various colours, polyethylene or polyamide hoses for more sophisticated needs, PTFE hoses or silicone hoses when there is a need for food-grade tubes, or you just require extreme durability, and of course always popular PVC hoses.

Pneumatic Tubes are used by automobile stations to generate high pressure air to remove dirt and dust from sensitive parts of the machinery that needs cleaning. An air hose is of no use if it is not with all its accessories. Since compressed or pressurized air is there inside these tubes one has to be extra careful.

These accessories include hose reels, stoppers, noels and other different kind of small parts which come in handy while working with these tubes.

Top Notch Italian Hoses

These tubes have numerous forms each with it’s own distinct function. They are characterized on the basis of the outer coating they have. Different materials like PVC, PTFE, PA, silicon, nylon, have separate importance as each type has its own merit and is used accordingly.

They can also be characterized in two type’s of high pressure and low pressure tubes. Main difference between these hoses is that the coatings of these tubes are different.

High pressure tubes have stiff, hard and rigid coatings while that containing low pressure is usually comparatively soft and less rigid.

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