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Angle grinders are designed for metal industry, shipbuilding industry machinery manufacturing and other industries. Our range of air angle grinders are well known for their great technical properties, and are very appreciated by our customers.

Features of Sumake's angle grinders:

  • Simple operation and solid housing.
  • Front air exhaust.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Reinforced and double bearing spindle providing high tool life.
  • Eliminated to the minimum start-up reaction.

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  1. Industrial Die Grinder ST-10G

    Industrial Die Grinder ST-10G

    €304.31 excl. tax

    Industrial Die Grinder ST-10G Learn More
  2. Angle Die Grinder ST7765MHRE

    Angle Die Grinder ST7765MHRE

    €252.54 excl. tax

    Angle Die Grinder ST7765MHRE Learn More
  3. Industrial Pneumatic Grinder ST-10L

    Industrial Pneumatic Grinder ST-10L

    €254.11 excl. tax

    Industrial Pneumatic Grinder ST-10L Learn More
  4. Extended Spindle Grinder ST-38LE

    Extended Spindle Grinder ST-38LE

    €416.30 excl. tax

    Extended Spindle Grinder ST-38LE Learn More
  5. Pneumatic Grinder ST-7580L

    Pneumatic Grinder ST-7580L

    €574.10 excl. tax

    Pneumatic Grinder ST-7580L Learn More
  6. Pneumatic Grinder ST-7680

    Pneumatic Grinder ST-7680

    €605.47 excl. tax

    Pneumatic Grinder ST-7680 Learn More
  7. Pneumatic Grinder ST-7680H

    Pneumatic Grinder ST-7680H

    €618.02 excl. tax

    Pneumatic Grinder ST-7680H Learn More
  8. Industrial Air Grinder ST-7680L

    Industrial Air Grinder ST-7680L

    €605.47 excl. tax

    Industrial Air Grinder ST-7680L Learn More
  9. Pneumatic Grinder ST-7680LH

    Pneumatic Grinder ST-7680LH

    €618.02 excl. tax

    Pneumatic Grinder ST-7680LH Learn More
  10. 5" High Speed Air Sander ST-7712

    5" High Speed Air Sander ST-7712

    €59.61 excl. tax

    5" High Speed Air Sander ST-7712 Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 25 total

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