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Air Nailers and Pneumatic Staplers

High quality Sumake pneumatic nailers and staplers are perfect solutions for woodworking and upholstery. Staples used by Sumake tools are fully compatible with staples by other known manufacturers like BeA, Prebena or others (in each product description you can find list of matching staple models).

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  1. Finish Nailer Sumake F18/50

    Finish Nailer F18/50

    €174.49 excl. tax

    Finish Nailer F18/50 Learn More
  2. Micro Pinner Sumake P0.6/15

    Micro Pinner P0.6/15

    €199.85 excl. tax

    Micro Pinner P0.6/15 Learn More
  3. Air Stapler Sumake 90/25

    Air Stapler Sumake 90/25

    €120.67 excl. tax

    Air Stapler SUMAKE 90/25 Learn More
  4. Air Stapler Sumake 90/40

    Air Stapler Sumake 90/40

    €157.19 excl. tax

    Air Stapler SUMAKE 90/40 Learn More
  5. Air Stapler Sumake 92/25

    Air Stapler Sumake 92/25

    €157.19 excl. tax

    Air Stapler SUMAKE 92/25 Learn More
  6. Air Stapler Sumake 92/40

    Air Stapler Sumake 92/40

    €225.50 excl. tax

    Air Stapler SUMAKE 92/40 Learn More

6 Item(s)

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