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Manual | Mechanical Valves

Our company offers YPC valves from manual series such as foot valve, lever valves, button valves, poppet valve and limit valves. Manual valves are used in industrial applications and are also great for small workshops.

Foot Operated Valve FT Series

Foot operated

Foot operated mechanical valves by YPC and AZ Pneumatica, various valve functions, and all standard port sizes available. Blocking and non-blocking. Valves with foot controlled action.

Lever Operated Valves

Lever operated

Great variety of valves operated by lever. Here you'll find 3/2, 5/2, 5/3 and 4/3 valves controlled by hand lever. Simple and very popular solution, used in almost every pneumatic system.

PMV Button Operated Valves

Button operated

Button operated valves and buttons for mechanical valves in various colors (green, black, red) blocking and non-blocking. Valves are available for M5, G 1/8 and G 1/4 port sizes.

Mushroom Type Valve KMV Series

Mushroom type

Mushroom type YPC valves. Port sizes from M5 up to G 1/4. Choose among different valves functions (including with or without spring), and availability of mounting plate.

Roller Lever Valve & Push Rod Valves

Roller Lever

Manual valves with roller lever. Both 3/2 and 5/2 available. Highest quality guaranteed by YPC. Best prices from direct importer and official distributor.

This category contains various types of mechanical valves, which are actuated by some kind of force acting on them. All manual valves in this category are manufactured by YPC, company which we are the official distributor on Poland. In subcategories you can find valves operated by lever, pedal (foot valve), button, switch, knob, and others. Of course various functions are available, everything is described on each sub-category page.

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