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All kind of quality valves you can find in our offer are below, however remember that E-Pneumatic is official distributor of YPC valves and if you can't find what you are looking for we will gladly help you out. Just contact us by mail or phone and we will prepare custom order for your needs.

Pneumatic Valves


Our pneumatic valves are divided between SFP with functions 5/2, 5/3, 3/2 and SCEP what differs them from SFP are smaller dimensions. There are also SIP pneumatic valves they are manufactured according to ISO 5599/1 SIP valves are characterized by high bandwidth, so that they can be used with devices with high power air.

Solenoid Valves YPC


Looking for electromechanically operated valves? Here you will find an extensive range of solenoid valves from YPC company. We've divided them into few subcategories for your convenience.

Manual | Mechanical Valves


Our company offers YPC valves from manual series such as foot valve, lever valves, button valves, poppet valve and limit valves. Manual valves are used in industrial applications and are also great for small workshops.

Throttle Flow Regulating Valves

Throttle valves

Throttle and choke valves are best used where its necessary to regulate the flow rate of compressed air. With our throttle valves you are able to adjust speed of the actuators, on which they can be directly mounted.

3/2 Hand Slide Valves

Hand slide valves

Hand slide valves provide a simple way to cut off part of pneumatic system. Sliding the valve to OFF position stops air flow. Advantages of hand slide valve are small dimensions and ease of operation.

Quick Exhaust Valves | Release Valves

Quick exhaust valves

Quick exhaust valves automatically opens the doors to the atmosphere when the pressure at the output drops. The purpose of quick exhaust valve is to quickly empty air receivers such as actuators. To achieve the proper effect of the quick-release valve should be mounted directly on the actuator connections to allow a significant decrease in the flow path of exhaust air to the atmosphere.

Check Valves | Non-Return Valves

Check valves

Main purpose of check valves is to permit gases, air and liquids to flow in one direction, blocking them from reversing their flow. Check valves are classified as one way direction valves. Air flow in the desired direction opens the valve while back-flow forces valve to close.

Logic Valves | Logical Valves

Logic valves

Logical valves are special family of valves designed to be used as alternative to electrical circuit controllers. By using logic valves any function, normally handled by relays, pressure switches, limit switchers or time delays can be performed.

Ball Valve | Cheap Ball Valves

Ball valves

Ball valves are most simple and common kind of valve. Inside the housing there is a metal ball with hole through it. By using valve lever operator can rotate the ball thus opening or closing the path for the medium.

Safety Valves

Safety valves

Safety valves are crucial element in any pneumatic system, because they protect it from excessive pressure which might seriously damage equipment. When pressure higher then set (by user or manufacturer) is detected valve opens and releases air to atmosphere.



Popular accessories commonly used together with valves, like silencers, solenoid coils and connectors. Many variants, many sizes.

About our Valves

Pneumatig company is official distributor of YPC brand - well recognized pneumatic and solenoid valves manufacturer originating from South Korea. Thanks to our continuous cooperation we can offer you most competitive prices for advanced and reliable solenoid valves.

Besides valves manufactured by YPC in this category you can also find great selection of other types, including: solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, throttle valves, ball valves, logical valves, safety valves and others.

Some sub categories contain specific series, in each of them we provide detailed explanation of the series. Of course we also have all necessary accessories for solenoid valves, including coils and connectors. In any question or doubts don't hesitate to contact us, our experts will help you find appropriate valve.

We do our best to ensure constant availability of YPC valves, and we usually dispatch every order at the same day. Delivery time to Europe can take up to 3 days, but you will receive a tracking number from us.

Pneumatic valves are among the collection of gears responsible for controlling the pressure, speed, and quantity of air as it passes through a pneumatic system. These systems depend on the strength of dense air to send out-power; can be found in innumerable industrial purposes, from pneumatic pressure control gear to diesel engines.

In double working cylinders air stress is supplied off and on to the comparative surface of the pressure supplier, creating a driving power and a withdrawing force. As the active part of the pressure provider is trivial, the drive formed through the withdrawal is comparatively weak.

Valve moves air all through a bigger pneumatic system by either permitting or restraining the stream of condensed air, whose power is then meant to control a device. Because valve can contain different areas of entrance for air, generating diverse flow models, valves are categorized on the basis of the amount of ports they own and the flow-paths they generate.

A lot of practical directional pneumatic control valves are categorized on the basis of the amount of entrance and exit areas they have, the number of stream paths they generate, and the method by which ports are unlocked and blocked.

Regulate valve location by changing air force into rectilinear or revolving motion. They worked when the blow of a diaphragm actuator is too small or the drive is too trivial. Compacted air is functional to a hard piston limited within a compact cylinder.

Modest projects have the air introduced into a principal cavity and the air moves the piston uphill. Whenever the air compression is detached, the tube travels in the reverse direction because of the opposite force coil.

Solenoid Valves at great price

Valve adjusters associate a regulator signal to a controller actuator’s location and change the actuator consequently. They are applied with both direct valves and rotating ones. Adjusters are used when the stress in the diaphragm chamber is 0.2 to 1 bar and are not enough to manage with resistance and great differential stresses.

A control regulator is a regulator that manages the drift of air. They contain non-return controllers,shuttle valves,drift control valves, etc. A non-return regulator permits air to move in single direction only.

Whenever air travels in the reverse route, the regulator will close.These types are also known as a poppet valve. Shuttle valves sometime also recognized as multiple controller or single controller non-return regulators.

A shuttle regulator has inlets for air and one outlet. When compacted air moves in through one inlet, the domain will block the second inlet. Valve adjusters vary in footings of uses, structures, and endorsements.

Some goods are planned for motorized, aerospace, aquatic, therapeutic, or armed applications. Other yields are appropriate for food handling or pharmacological submissions. General-purpose strategies are usually available.

Moreover, for the reason that they can shift air in a diversity of ways they can go with a range of applications. Beside from the frequently used valves, there are valves that are planned to supply more precise purposes.

If you have any problem with choosing your own solenoid valve, call us and our experienced team will help you out!

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