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Fluoropolymers are known for their outstanding properties like durability and resistance to extreme conditions. This makes them an ideal solution especially for industrial applications. PTFE hoses are resistant to many aggressive chemicals, even some acids. Impressive temperature range (PTFE tubes are very stable up to a temperature of 260°C), complete resistance to UV, ozone and oxygen, as well as lowest coefficient of friction amongst all polymers makes them perfect choice for most extreme and critical workplace environments.

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  1. PTFE hose 4/2

    PTFE hose 4/2

    €2.95 excl. tax

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  2. PTFE hose 5/3

    PTFE hose 5/3

    €3.94 excl. tax

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  3. PTFE hose 6/4

    PTFE hose 6/4

    €4.16 excl. tax

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  4. PTFE hose 8/6

    PTFE hose 8/6

    €5.52 excl. tax

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  5. PTFE hose 10/8

    PTFE hose 10/8

    €6.56 excl. tax

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  6. PTFE hose 12/10

    PTFE hose 12/10

    €7.16 excl. tax

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  7. PTFE hose 14/12

    PTFE hose 14/12

    €10.74 excl. tax

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7 Item(s)

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