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Push-in Fittings

Huge collection of push-in fittings, which can be used with various pneumatic hoses. Here you can find subcategories with elbows, straight fittings, reducing fittings, tees, equal crosses, and many many more.

Push-In Fittings Straight | Male and Female Threads

M/F straight

Male and female straight push-in fittings. Most popular. Threads from M5 up to G 1/2.

Equal Straight Push-in Fittings

Equal straight

Push-in fittings designed to connect two pneumatic tubes with same diameter. Equal straight push-in fittings.

Reducing Straight Push-in Fittings

Reducing straight

Reducing straight push-in fittings allows to join together tubes with different diameters. Simple and easy way to reduce tube diameter.

Reducing Stem Straight Push-in Fittings

Reducing stem straight

Using push-in fittings with reducing stem you can join together tubing with another push-in fitting. You simply push tube on one side, and the stem is suppose to be pushed into another push-in fitting.

Stop Valve Male Straight

Stop valve male straight

Straight push-in fittings with built-in stop valve. This solution prevents air flow through valve when tube is disconnected, which can be useful in various scenarios.

Push-in Fittings With Check Valve

Check valve equal straight

Those fittings have check valve built-in which will prevent back air flow in case of input pressure drop. Great in scenarios where there is a variable input pressure.

Male Elbow Push-in Fittings

Male elbow

Classic male elbow push-in fitting. Various tube diameters and thread sizes are available.

Male Elbow Extended Push-in Fitting

Male elbow extented

Male elbow with extended one arm. Works nicely together with classic male elbows because they fit nicely under the extended ones. Great for valve islands.

Male Elbow Rotary Fitting

Male elbow rotary

Another male elbow push-in fitting in our outstanding collection, this one is quite unique because it can rotate by 360° with huge speed even up to 500 rpm. For sophisticated applications.

Equal Elbow Push-in Fittings

Equal elbow

Classic equal elbow for diameters from 4 up to 16 mm. Can be used to change direction of air hose easily.

Reducing Stem Elbow Push-in Fittings

Reducing stem elbow

Reducing stem elbows have one reduced hose connection, and stem which can be pushed into another push-in fitting with larger diameter.

Elbow Push-in Fittings With Stop Valve

Stop valve male elbow

Stop valve in this push-in fittings prevents air leakage when tube is disconnected. Great for temporary ad-hoc connections.

Male Tee Branch Push-in Fittings

Male tee branch

Classic T shaped fitting with one thread and two air hose connections. Easily branch out your air line into two opposite directions.

Male Tee Run Push-in Fittings

Male tee run

Male tee with thread on one and, and two air hose connections, one just opposite to threaded port, and the other running perpendicularly to them.

Equal Tee Push-in Fittings

Equal tee

Tee with three hose push-in connections.

Male Y-Piece Push-in Fittings

Male Y-piece

Standard Y piece with male thread on one side, and two parallel push-in connections for air hoses.

Push-in Equal Y Fittings

Equal Y-piece

Y shaped fitting with three push-in air hose connections.

Stem Y Piece Push-in Fittings

Stem Y-piece

Another Y-shaped push-in fitting. Stem can be pushed into another push-in fitting thus creating firm and solid connection, with many possible outcomes.

Reducing Y Push-in Fitting

Reducing Y-piece

If you need to change hose diameter and split stream into two smaller diameters reducing Y-shaped fitting might come in handy.

Reducing Stem Y Piece Push-in Fittings

Reducing stem Y-piece

Reducing Y-shaped fitting with stem allows to split stream directly from a push-in fitting.

Cross Shaped Push-in Fittings

Equal cross shape

Very common push-in fitting, allowing to connect together four hoses with same diameter.

Male Elbow with Flow Control Valve

Flow-control valve male elbow

Elbow with male thread and built-in flow control valve. Control flow speed directly on push-in fitting.

Inline Flow Control Valve Fitting

Flow-control valve inline

Flow control valves which can be mounted directly on air hose.

Shut-Off Valve In-line

In-line shut-off valve

Shut off valve that can be installed directly on air hose. Two push-in connections for air tubing with same diameter.

Inline Shut Off Vent Valve

Shut-off vent valve inline

This category contains push-in fittings equipped with shut-off vent valve. When air flow is cut off, redundant air from the system (on the receiver side) is released through the vent.

Push-in Manifolds


Manifold push-in fittings with various number of outgoing push-in connections. Simple way to create additional outgoing connections directly on tubing.

Bulkhead Fitting

Bulkhead Fitting

If you need to move tubing through some obstacle, or mount it to some kind of board bulkhead fittings is a way to do it. Simply drill a hole, and screw on bulkhead push-in fitting, and then connect air hose on the both sides.

Tube Blanking Plugs

Blanking plugs

Blanking plugs are suppose to be pushed into other push-in fittings thus closing any unnecessary opened connections.

Blanking Push-in Caps

Blanking caps

Using blanking cap you can create blank ending on air hose with appropriate diameter.

Common technical parameters and features:

  • Retain tightness automatically after inserting the hose.
  • Body made of high-quality polyamide (PA 66) and nickel-plated brass.
  • Seals: NBR.
  • Working temperature from -20°C up to 80°C.
  • Working pressure from 0 to 12 bar.
  • Fittings with external thread have a sealing layer, so you don't need to use any adhesives.
  • Perfect for polyethylene, polyamide, and teflon hoses.

All threads are expressed in British Standard Pipe.

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