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Equal Straight Push-in Fittings

Easiest solution for joining two hoses with same diameter is to use equal straight fitting. Very fast, simple and reliable solution. Simply push-in hose on both sides and you're done. This category contains push-in fittings for hoses with external diameter ranging from 4 mm to 16 mm. If you need fittings for larger hoses, please contact us. Best choice for polyurethane, polyamide and teflon hoses (as all push-in fittings).

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  1. Push-in fitting equal 3mm PUC-03

    Push-in Fitting 3mm PUC-03

    €2.40 excl. tax

    Push-in Fitting 3mm PUC-03 Learn More
  2. Push-in Fitting 4mm PUC-04

    Push-in Fitting 04mm PUC-04

    €1.12 excl. tax

    Push-in Fitting 04mm PUC-04 Learn More
  3. Push i fitting 6mm PUC-06

    Push-in Fitting 6mm PUC-06

    €1.12 excl. tax

    Push-in Fitting 6mm PUC-06 Learn More
  4. Push-in equal fitting 8mm PUC-08

    Push-in Fitting 8mm PUC-08

    €1.62 excl. tax

    Push-in Fitting 08mm PUC-08 Learn More
  5. Push-in equal fitting 10mm PUC-10

    Push-in Fitting 10 Mm PUC-10

    €1.68 excl. tax

    Push-in Fitting 10 Mm PUC-10 Learn More
  6. Push-in fitting 12mm PUC-12

    Push-in Fitting 12mm PUC-12

    €2.64 excl. tax

    Push-in Fitting 12mm PUC-12 Learn More
  7. Przelotka 16mm PUC-16

    Push-in Fitting 16mm PUC-16

    €4.57 excl. tax

    Push-in Fitting 16mm PUC-16 Learn More

7 Item(s)

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