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Air Filters

Clean and dry air is essential in compressed air system. Air with too high amount of dirt or water droplets can seriously damage used equipment and cause leakages which will lead to decrease in efficiency. That is why selecting appropriate filters is crucial.

Standard Air Filters


Standard air filters to be used on compressed air line together with regulator and/or lubricator. Available for all common port sizes. Approved and tested by our customers and sold since 1999.

Prefilters & Finefilters


Pre-filters and fine filters for your compressed air system. Depending on application sometimes there is a need for 100% clean air, free of any debris, dirt, oil or water. In those cases you might need those high grade filters.

High pressure filters

Filters that can be used in systems where pressure higher then usual is used. Filters found here can work with pressure even up to 40 bar. Available with port sizes from G 1/2 and above.

Original Atlas Copco Filters

Atlas Copco filters

Original Atlas Copco filters from QD, PD and DD series (including PDp, DDp). Best prices for Atlas Copco filters in EU.

During air compression concentration of water particles in air increases rapidly, water vapour and oil condensates into drops, which are mixing with existing solid particles (dust, dirt) and create aggressive sludge. This sludge will get into pneumatic installation causing damages to pipes and available pneumatic elements (valves, cylinders, tools). Those serious problems can be avoided by using appropriate set of air filters. In this category we gathered whole range of pneumatic filters which can be divided into following categories:

  • Standard filters - usually used as pre-filters, gradation from 5 µm to 25 µm, remove solid particles from compressed air.
  • Fine filters - gradation levels: 0.01 µm, 0.3 µm up to 3 µm responsible for removing microscopic solids, water and oil particles. Often include condensate train what allows virtually maintenance-free operation.
  • High pressure filters - recommended for installations where work pressure is higher then 15 bar. In our offer we have filters working at pressure 25 bar or even 40 bar.
  • Cyclone separators - are sophisticated elements used to preliminary removing condensate particles by causing air into swirling motion. Cyclone separators usually have automatic or manual drain.

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