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Solenoid Valves YPC

Looking for electromechanically operated valves? Here you will find an extensive range of solenoid valves from YPC company. We've divided them into few subcategories for your convenience.

Solenoid Valves SF Series Flexible

Flexible series

Definitely most popular solenoid valve series in our offer. Those valves are used in any pneumatic system for automation and control. Dozens of different valve variants and sizes in best prices from YPC official distributor.

Solenoid Valves ISO Series

ISO series

Quality solenoid valves conforming to one of following ISO standards: ISO 15407-1 / VDMA 24563, ISO 5599-1:2001, ISO-2. Mounted on sub-plates, can be exchanged for valves of other manufactures.

Solenoid Valves ISO Economy Series

ISO economy series

Solenoid valves conforming to ISO standards, but with slightly smaller dimensions, while retaining same technical properties (port size and flow speed). Recommended for environments with limited space.

Solenoid Valves NAMUR Series

NAMUR series

Few solenoid valves with NAMUR connections, most standard functions 5/2 (bistable and monostable) and 5/3 with G 1/4 port size.

Solenoid Valve MINI PICO CNOMO Series

MINI-PICO series

Smallest solenoid valves in our offer (mini and pico series). Recommended for tiny pneumatic systems and machines. Great technical properties. Best prices for mini and pico solenoid valves from YPC.

Solenoid 2/2 Shut Off Valves Ball Valves

2/2 Shut off valves

Range of solenoid controlled shut-off valves with wide range of port sizes (from G 1/8 up to G 2), also known as solenoid ball valves. Brass solenoid valves.

Coils for Solenoid Valves

Solenoid coils

Coils for solenoid valves. Any standard voltage available - 12V, 24V, 110V, 230V for both AC/DC. Coils work with any appropriate YPC solenoid valve, but also with valves from other manufacturers. Two sizes - 15 mm and 22 mm width.

DIN Connectors Solenoid Coils

DIN Connectors

Coils connectors for solenoid valves. Both sizes available (15 and 22 mm), also variants with LED.

YPC solenoid valves can be divided into following groups:

  • Solenoid valves from SF series are very versatile and common solenoid valves with 5/2, 5/3 and 3/2 functions. Valves from this series have threaded connections allowing for independent use of valves as well as assembly on valve islands.

  • SCE valve series have similar technical performance characteristics compared to SF valves, but in the same time retain smaller dimensions. This solenoid valves are available in two versions - dedicated for sub-base plates (letter B in valve code), or universal - independent usage, or manifold mount (D letter in valve code).

  • SIV solenoid valves are ISO standard valves mounted on sub-base plates. Valves in this series conform to the ISO 5599/1 norm, thanks to this those valves can be used with plates by other manufacturers. SIV valves have great flow throughput which makes them best choice to work with heavy air consumption devices.

  • Valves from SIE series are alternative to SIV series valves, characterized by smaller dimensions while maintaining similar performance. Valve connections compatible with ISO 5599/1 standard allow to use of sub-base plates from different manufacturers.

  • NAMUR solenoid valves are designed to control devices using NAMUR connection (like pneumatic drives).

  • 2/2 shut off valves are solenoid controlled membrane valves used in opening or closing media flow in the system. Our shut off valves can be used with different fluids - compressed air, inert gases, water, and oils. Depending on your requirements we have both - valves normally opened and normally closed.

  • Tiny valves MINI and PICO series are very small valves, most commonly used to control systems requiring valve assemblies with large quantities of stations.

All valves have CE certificate

Our company is direct importer and official distributor of YPC solenoid valves in Poland, we guarantee best prices and constant availability of solenoid valves in any quantities.

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