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Connecting Elements For Pneumatics

Various connection elements like hose barbs, elbows, Y and T shapes, cross shapes, sleeves, reducing sleeves, nipples, and many others. Second most extensive category in our selection of pneumatic fittings.

Hose Tails

Hose Tails

Selection of hose tails including hose plugs, hose tails with male thread (all possible thread sizes), and fittings with rotating hose tail.



Nickel plated brass elbows with threads on both sides. All combinations available - internal / external thread, both internal and both external threads. Elbow connections are very popular in pneumatic industry.

Y-Shape Connectors


Male and female variants of Y shaped brass connectors (tees), for most common thread sizes. Instant availability. All connectors are nickel-plated.

T-shaped Tees


Classical tees (T shaped connectors) to be used with compressed air. Very popular tees that always might come in handy in your business.

Cross Shape Connectors

Cross shape

Cross shape threaded connectors, with both male and female threads. Available threads: G 1/8, G 1/4, G 3/8 and G 1/2.



Brass and nickel-plated brass sleeves for threads ranging from M5 up to G 1/2.

Reductive Sleeves

Reducing sleeves

Reducing sleeves with internal (female) threads in few most common variants.



Want to connect two elements with female threads? Nipple is a way to go. All thread sizes from M5 up to G 1/2.

Reducing Nipples

Reducing nipples

Using reducing nipples, you can (obviously) reduce your piping with external threads from one thread size to another.

Internal - External Thread Reductions


Various reductions that didn't fit to any other category, most of them have two different (male/female) threads on each side, and of course they have different sizes.



Threaded plugs. Need to plug (maybe temporarily) a threaded ending of your pneumatic system? Here we have plugs for male thread in all common sizes.

This category groups various connecting elements which didn't fit to any other group. Here you can find hose tails, elbows, sleeves, nipples, reducers and other connectors in various shapes and sizes. For your convenience we grouped them into subcategories.

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