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Whenever you need to close opened air port, blanking plugs might come in handy. This category contains robust, brass, nickel plated blanking plugs on all common pneumatic port sizes. They have solid NBR sealing, can withstand pressure up to 16 bar, and can work in temperature range from -20 up to 150 deg Celsius. All have a hole for an Allen key.

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  1. Plug 1/8″

    Plug 1/8″

    €0.97 excl. tax

    Plug 1/8″ Learn More
  2. M5 plug

    M5 Plug

    €0.57 excl. tax

    M5 Plug Learn More
  3. Plug 1/4″

    Plug 1/4″

    €1.25 excl. tax

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  4. Plug 3/8″

    Plug 3/8″

    €1.43 excl. tax

    Plug 3/8″ Learn More

4 Item(s)

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