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Cross Shape Connectors

Classic cross-shaped connectors with internal and external threads. Available in most popular in pneumatic thread sizes (equal in all ports). Cross - pieces are made of nickel-plated brass, and can withstand pressure up to 16 bar and temperatures from -20 up to 150°C.

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  1. X Female Pipe Fitting 1/8″

    X Female Pipe Fitting 1/8″

    €3.46 excl. tax

    X Female Pipe Fitting 1/8" Learn More
  2. Cross fitting 1/4" female

    Cross Fitting 1/4″ Int

    €4.33 excl. tax

    Cross Fitting 1/4″ Int Learn More
  3. Cross fitting 3/8" female

    Cross Fitting 3/8″ Int

    €5.20 excl. tax

    Cross Fitting 3/8″ Int Learn More
  4. Cross fitting 1/2" female

    Cross fitting 1/2″ Int

    €9.20 excl. tax

    Cross fitting 1/2″ Int Learn More

4 Item(s)

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