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Equal Tee Push-in Fittings

Metal alternative for classic equal tee push-in fitting. Available for most popular air hose diameters. Metal provides great durability, while push-in mechanism makes the equal tee fitting simple and easy to use. Recommended for industry, can be used with most air hose types.

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  1. Tee push-in fitting

    Tee Fitting PU-RPUT-04 METAL

    €3.11 excl. tax

    Tee Fitting PU-RPUT-04 METAL Learn More
  2. Tee Push-in Fitting 6mm

    Tee Fitting PU-RPUT-06 METAL

    €4.04 excl. tax

    Tee Fitting PU-RPUT-06 METAL Learn More
  3. Tee push-in fitting 8mm

    Tee Fitting PU-RPUT-08 METAL

    €4.67 excl. tax

    Tee Fitting PU-RPUT-08 METAL Learn More

3 Item(s)

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