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Throttle Flow Regulating Valves

Throttle valves are used whenever there is a need for regulating of intensity of compressed air flow. This for example allows for controlling speed of air cylinder movement. Screw-in throttle valves can be mounted directly in air cylinder port. Throttle valves allow for free flow of working medium in one direction and adjust the flow rate in the opposite direction.

Two types of throttle valves available - with threaded and with push-in ports.

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  1. Return Throttle Valve 1/2″

    Return Throttle Valve 1/2″

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  2. Flow control valve 10mm 1/2"

    Flow Control Valve 10mm 1/2"

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  3. Flow control valve 12mm 1/2"

    Flow Control Valve 12mm 1/2"

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