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High Flow Regulators

Series of pressure regulators which are designed to operate with very high flows, especially in heavy industry. Solid housing provides high resistance from external damages. Recommended for hazardous working conditions (vibration, dust, etc.).

Common technical properties of high flow regulators + temperature range: for -10 C to +60 C + working pressure:for 0 to 8 bar + medium: compressed air, neutral gases + manometer connection: G 1/4 (by size 8-2*- G 1/4) + flow rate: for 12500 l/min for 50000 l/min ( in depending models) + material: corpus: aluminium, sealing and membranes: NBR, guide: POM

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  1. Reduktor wielkoprzepływowy 3/4" DRP54G

    Pressure Regulator 3/4″

    €500.52 excl. tax

    Pressure Regulator 3/4″ Learn More

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