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Pneumatic Valves from Economy SCEP Series

Valves from SCEP series are an alternative to pneumatic valves from flexible series. They retain similar characteristics (flow, pressure), but have slightly smaller dimensions, which makes them perfect solution whenever smaller size is required. They can be mounted on manifold blocks in various combinations. On one manifold block you can install 5/2, 5/3 and 3/2 pneumatic valves from SCEP series.

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  1. Pneumatic Valve SCEP411

    Pneumatic Valve SCEP411

    Regular Price: €48.62

    Special Price €38.18

    function: 5/2 single, 5 × G 1/4 ports, body width: 18 mm, transition flow (5 bar): 900 l/min. Learn More
  2. Pneumatic Valve SCEP420

    Pneumatic Valve SCEP420

    Regular Price: €66.52

    Special Price €52.24

    Pneumatic valve SCEP420, 5/2 double, 18 mm body width, 900 l/min flow (5 bar). Learn More
  3. Pneumatic Valve SCEP433

    Pneumatic Valve SCEP433

    Regular Price: €81.73

    Special Price €64.19

    Function 5/3 closed center, return method spring, body width 18 mm, 5 G 1/4 ports. Learn More
  4. Pneumatic Valve SCEP453

    Pneumatic Valve SCEP453

    Regular Price: €72.55

    Special Price €56.98

    Pneumatic valve SCEP453 - 5/3 pressure center, 5 ports with G 1/4 size, transition flow at 5 bar is 900 l/min. Only 18 mm body width. Learn More
  5. Pneumatic Valve SCEP461

    Pneumatic Valve SCEP461

    Regular Price: €37.88

    Special Price €29.75

    Pneumatic Valve SCEP461, G 1/4, 3/2 normally closed. Learn More

5 Item(s)

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