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  1. Pneumatic ISO-2 Valve SIP511 by YPC (5/2 single)

    Pnuematic ISO Valve SIP511

    €138.04 excl. tax

    Pnuematic ISO valve with 5/2 single, 50 mm body width, and G 1/8 pneumatic control port size. Transition flow up to 3500 l/min. Learn More
  2. Pneumatic ISO Valve SIP520, 5/2 Double

    Pneumatic ISO Valve SIP520

    €160.63 excl. tax

    Pneumatic valve with 5/2 double function, and manufactured with accordance to ISO-2 valve standard (body width 50 mm). Transition flow up to 3500 l/min. Working pressure range from 1.5 to 10 bar. Learn More
  3. 5/3 Closed Center ISO Valve - SIP533

    Pneumatic ISO Valve SIP533

    €192.63 excl. tax

    Pneumatic ISO valve SIP533, 5/3 closed center, return by spring, transition flow as high as 3500 l/min, 50 mm body width. Exceptional quality, Learn More
  4. SIP543 - ISO, 5/3 Open Center, Pneumatic Valve

    Pneumatic ISO Valve SIP543

    €139.06 excl. tax

    ISO, 50 mm body width, 5/3 open center pneumatic valve Learn More
  5. Pneumatic ISO Valve by YPC - SIP553 - 5/3 pressure center

    Pneumatic ISO Valve SIP553

    €139.06 excl. tax

    Pneumatic valve SIP553 by YPC. ISO-2 standard (50 mm body width), transition flow equal to 3500 l/min. Learn More

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