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  1. Pneumatic Valve SIP211 - ISO-0, 5/2 Single

    Pneumatic ISO Valve SIP211

    €52.39 excl. tax

    Pneumatic valve SIP211, 5/2 single, 18 mm body width, ISO-0 Learn More
  2. Pneumatic 5/2 ISO Valve - SIP311 - by YPC

    Pneumatic ISO Valve SIP311

    €60.69 excl. tax

    Pneumatic valve conforming to ISO-0 15407-1 norm (body width 26mm). Valve function 5/2 single, return method air and spring. Transition flow: 1000 l/min (at 5 bar). Learn More
  3. Pneumatic Valve with 5/2 Single Function - SIP411

    Pneumatic ISO Valve SIP411

    €96.31 excl. tax

    Pneumatic valve made with accordance to ISO-1 pneumatic valve standard (40 mm body width). Function 5/2 single. Can be used as a replacement for any ISO-1 compatible pneumatic valve. Learn More
  4. Pneumatic ISO-2 Valve SIP511 by YPC (5/2 single)

    Pnuematic ISO Valve SIP511

    €138.04 excl. tax

    Pnuematic ISO valve with 5/2 single, 50 mm body width, and G 1/8 pneumatic control port size. Transition flow up to 3500 l/min. Learn More

4 Item(s)

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