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About Us

E-Pneumatic store is run by Pneumatig company, one of the biggest pneumatic equipment distributors in Poland. We've successfully delivered products from our offer to customers all over the world in the past, and because of great feedback we've had, we decided to prepare web store dedicated for our international partners.

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Who we are

Pneumatig company was founded exactly 20 years ago in Gdynia, most dynamically growing city in Poland up to date. It was founded (Pneumatig, not Gdynia) by two brothers Leszek and Andrzej, and since then its still a family company dedicated to support its customers with wide range of pneumatic equipment. We do listen to our customers, and our long experience in field of pneumatics helps us to better understand your needs and expectations. Our goal is to provide you with the best pneumatic products so you can get your job done quickly and effortlessly.

What do we offer

In our offer you can find a wide range of pneumatic equipment necessary in any company using the power of compressed air. Starting from small elements like various couplings and fittings, through different types of pneumatic tubes, hoses and air cylinders, up to sophisticated valves, air preparation units and air tools. Feel free to browse our offer, and keep in mind that new products can be added any time. Its important to note, that products available on this website are already on our stock, so in most cases we will be able to dispatch your order at the same working day. If you cannot find something you need, please contact us, we'll see what we can do (and usually we can do a lot).


Unlike other similar companies, we work exclusively with carefully selected manufacturers of specific product groups, so we have really detailed knowledge of each and every product we sell, which allow us to supply you with exceptional support and advice. Among many manufacturers you probably already know, we would like to introduce you to few which you might don't know yet:

YPC - solenoid and pneumatic valve manufacturer from South Korea. We are working with YPC for almost 15 years now. Our customers are really astonished by the quality of their valves, and customer satisfaction is most important to us.
Sumake - air tools manufacturer originating from Taipei, Taiwan. Sumake air tools are already widely recognized all over the world, especially in United States. Sumake focuses on innovation, and their air tools are always in forefront of international competitions.
Pneumatig - few years ago we started to manufacture profile cylinders ISO15552, and now we are able to provide you quality ISO cylinder with any stroke you need.

When it comes to other products, our producers come from different countries in Europe (Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain). All of our products comply with necessary European standards, besides our QA department selectively tests incoming goods.

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