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Polyamide Tubing

Main advantages of polyamide tubes are durability, rigidity and high resistance to crushing and abrasion. Polyamide hoses are considered to be one of the most robust pipelines (resistant to UV and solvents) and therefore recommended for use in industrial applications. All polyamide tubes in our offer are calibrated and provide a constant diameter along the entire length, which makes them an excellent choice for push-in fittings. Various colours available.

Characteristics: + High resistance to abrasion and crushing. + Solvent and UV radiation resistance. + Low thermal expansion. + Working temperature from -40°C up to 100°C. + Maximum pressure 56 bar (at 20°C).

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  1. Przewód poliamidowy 12 x 9 LONGLIFE™

    Polyamide hose 12 x 9 LONGLIFE™

    Regular Price: €3.42

    Special Price €2.68

    Polyamide hose 12 x 9 LONGLIFE™, made from careful choice of raw materials is characterized by good resistance to very high and very low temperatures (from -40°C to 80°C), and great resistance to ageing process. Learn More

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